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neko!ectoBiologist [neko!EB] joined chat.
nameless grub [grub] joined chat.
neko!EB: um hello
grub: chirp!
neko!EB: *giggles*
grub: *crawls over to him*
neko!EB: *bend down and picks the little grub up and giggles*
grub: *snuggles into his hands*
neko!EB: *giggles* now aren't you adorable
grub: chirrup!
grub: *yawns*
neko!EB: aww your tired aren't you
grub: *nods, smiling*
neko!EB: *pulls out a small indago blanket out of his back pocket and put's it over the grub*
grub: *yawns, cuddling into it*
neko!EB: *giggles a little bit at the cuteness of the grub*
grub: chirp! *licks his hand*
neko!EB: *gigglesnort* hehe that tickles
grub: h-hehe!
grub: *smiles*
neko!EB: awww thats so cute
grub: *snuggles against him, purring*
neko!EB: aww *purrs quietly and twitches one of his cat ears*
grub: Chirrup! *smiling*
neko!EB: *smiles at the grub*
grub: *kissy face*
grub: chirrup
neko!EB: *puts his nose near the grub and giggles a little*
grub: *kisses his nose* Hehe!
neko!EB: *giggles at the little grub and smiles*
grub: chirp!
neko!EB: aww i wish i could understand your little chirps and chirrups they are so cute
grub: *giggles, jumping onto his shoulder*
neko!EB: *giggles and looks over to the grub on his shoulder* be careful now, don't want you to fall
grub: *clings to him*
neko!EB: *smiles at the grub* i wonder what your name is (i know you are nameless grub but john dosen't know that)
grub: Chirp!
neko!EB: chirp, hehe
grub: *nuzzles his neck*
neko!EB: *giggles*
grub: *kisses his cheek*
neko!EB: *giggles at the little grub*
grub: *crawling down his shirt*
neko!EB: whoa what the *giggles some*
grub: *crawling around*
neko!EB: *giggling and snorting*
grub: *peeks out by his neck*
neko!EB: *giggles at the grub*
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i shall not tell my name
United States
i am a narutard, i like cats. i have and itachi plush which i usually always have with me, and i want to cosplay itachi and deidara.

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FluffyMejata Nov 18, 2012  Student General Artist
You need to rp with me
We need to kar eri sol
i know but its hard with school and plus we are barely on at the same time anymore
FluffyMejata Nov 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Do it in notes
ok just note me and tell me where we left off
(1 Reply)
FluffyMejata Oct 23, 2012  Student General Artist
[link] nyeh rp, i remember where we were
wishyouwerehere25 Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hello !
FluffyMejata Sep 29, 2012  Student General Artist
you reply on chat
no and actually i'm begining to think we might not be on at the same time for a while, so i'm not sure we can continue the rp there, we might be able to continue it here though
FluffyMejata Oct 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Well right now my conputor kinda died so tHATS why I wasn't there when I sent it
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